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Our Services

Initial Consultation

We all LOVE time with our dogs! But sometimes we need to be able to do things that don't include them.
When your dog is struggling with time home alone, we need to first find out exactly how long they are comfortable prior to any signs of stress or anxiousness.
Together we can determine what that starting point is. Once we determine that, we can make a plan on how to help your dog with time home alone!

Training Plans for Happy Home Alone

Having a dog with SA is overwhelming and can be very isolating. The first step is having a plan! I can help with that.
Each week you will receive training plans that are specific to your dog. You will be able to provide video of your training sessions and your notes and I will review. From there we will make adjustments and determine the next step in the training process. I will be with you each step of the way to give you guidance and support!

Weekly Zoom Calls

We will meet weekly to discuss how your training sessions have been going, look at the training history, make training plans and give you an opportunity to ask any questions you might have.
Our weekly Zoom sessions will last for 60 minutes.

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